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Rock Island FS 1911

Rock Island m1911A1 fs .45 pistol

This Rock Island m1911A1 fs .45 pistol is a spitting image of the classic that revolutionized the standard of both the industry, and the soldiers who made it a legend in service. Granddaddy carried one, and now you can too! Includes stock wood grips and a spare pair of rubber ones. Make this mil-spec stallion more »

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Savage 110 .30-06

Savage 110 Bolt Action .30-06 Rifle

Up for sale at our Castle Rock Location is a Savage 110 Bolt Action .30-06 Rifle. This backwoods favorite is already decked out with a scope, padded sling and a stock mounted shell sleeve. All this baby needs is a good home and some good rounds! Bring home this reliable companion today!

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Les Paul Jr

Epiphone Les Paul Junior Electric Guitar

Got an aspiring shredder in the house? This Epiphone Les Paul Junior Electric Guitar is the perfect beginner’s axe! With a beautiful sunburst finish, it gives an old school look to an already classic, household design. The Les Paul has been played by the best. Give your little Hendrix the start he needs!

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engine stethoscope

Blue Point Engine Stethoscope

Get in there! This Blue Point Engine Stethoscope helps you see and even hear those hard to reach areas under the hood. Includes a set of headphones and a hard case, keeping the unit in tip top shape. Come on down and get into your own undercarriage, today!  

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870 TAC 12ga

Remington 870 Tactical 12ga. shotgun

On sale now at Cash in a Flash Castle Rock is a Remington 870 Tactical 12ga. shotgun. The champs in pump shotguns since your daddy was a kid, this tactical model of Remington’s flagship provides an extended tube capacity from that of the original 870 models. Equipped with synthetic furniture, it’s perfect for the home!

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B.O.B. Trainer

Century B.O.B. Simulator Punching Bag

Take your training to the next level with the Body Opponent Bag! This Century B.O.B. Simulator Punching Bag brings real life practice to your home or gym. With life-like features and materials, it provides an immersive and practical training tool! Made by Century, it ranks among the most used tools in the trade! Come  and more »

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Winchester .30-06 lever

Winchester Lever action .30-06 rifle

The best of the best! This Winchester Lever action .30-06 rifle is Winchester’s classic 1895, having Adopted the legendary power and versatility of the World War Winning .30-06 cartridge, making  a reliable deer, elk, or otherwise rifle! Serial number is traced back to 1922, but this rifle can shoot true with the youngest guns around! Come more »

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lefever 12 ga

Lefever Nitro Special break-over 12Ga. shotgun

On sale now at our Castle Rock location, a Lefever Nitro Special break-over 12Ga. shotgun. An older model with signs of use, still maintains a solid function and is still as easy as ever to use! Whether in use for a wall-hanger or good ol’ fashioned Intimidation, this proven pardner will make a statement! Come more »

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Weatherby mk V

Weatherby Mark V .300 wby mag Rifle

An oldie but a goodie! This Weatherby Mark V .300 wby mag Rifle will bring down the mightiest North America’s got to offer! Mind the scope, though, this baby’s got quite the kick. Often described as the .300 Win mag’s angry, postal father, it lives up to it’s name in stopping power and range! Own more »

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Marlin 336 rc

Marlin 336 R.C. Lever action .35 Rem. Rifle

This Marlin 336 R.C. Lever action .35 Rem. Rifle is the toast of the trees, and bane to the bucks! Chambered in the powerful .35 Remington cartridge, it packs more wallop than a .30-30 without compromising recoil and availability (not too much, anyway). A classic deer hunter’s delight with an old school twist!

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