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Charter Arms Undercover

Charter Arms .38 Revolver

This Charter Arms .38 Revolver features a 5-shot cylinder chambered in .38 S&W and a very lightweight frame.  This snub-nose Undercover is great for concealed carry or home defense.  Make this Charter Arms the newest edition to your collection today!

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S&W 25-5 Revolver

S&W 25-5 .45 Colt Revolver

This S&W 25-5 .45 Colt Revolver is coated in a high-gloss nickel plating which when coupled with the mother of pearl grips, really makes this handgun standout from the rest!  This 25-5 features a 6-shot cylinder capable of firing the Colt .45 cartridges.  Complete with a gorgeous wooden display box.

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Winchester Model 70 (7mm)

Winchester 70 7mm Rifle

This Winchester 70 7mm Rifle has a 24″ barrel, full synthetic stock, sling mounts, and a Simmons 8 point 3-9×40 scope.  Strong Enough to take down big game and accurate enough to ensure that it only takes one shot to do so, this Winchester is tried and tested.  Take this model 70 with you on your more »

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No Name .30-06 Rifle

This No Name .30-06 Rifle is very clean. Unfortunately there are no identifying marks on this firearm to give any further information on it.  It is a bolt-action .30-06 rifle with Redfield iron sights and a 24″ barrel.

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Escort Magnum 12 Gauge Shotgun

This Escort Magnum 12 Gauge Shotgun is wrapped in the eye-catching RealTree Max-4 HD camo.  This shotgun features a 28″ vent-ribbed barrel, and a capacity of 3 + 1.  This Escort Magnum is like new and is all ready for your next hunting trip!

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Browning BPS 12 Gauge

Harr. & Rich. Pardner 12Ga Shotgun

This Harr. & Rich. Pardner 12Ga Shotgun has a beautiful camo finish w/ matching sling.  This shotgun is chambered for 3″ shells, full choke.  Stay hidden and get that 1 shot off quickly and accurately with this Pardner SBI by Harrington & Richardson.

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Browning BPS 12Ga Shotgun

This Browning BPS 12Ga Shotgun features a 26″ vent-ribbed barrel, a capacity of 3+1, and full synthetic stock.  This shotgun is chambered for 2 ¾”, 3″, and 3 ½” shells.  There is minor surface rust on the barrel but this shotgun is tried and proven to be dependable and accurate.

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Thomas AM/FM Radio

Thomas BD 111 AM/FM Radio

This Thomas BD 111 AM/FM Radio has that classic appearance, and it sounds great too!  Decorate your shelf and enjoy clear music from the built-in AM/FM radio tuner.  There is a “Tape In” port on the back side of the unit.  This radio is fully functional, come listen to it today!

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Colt Official Police Revolver

Colt Official Police .38 Revolver

This Colt Official Police .38 Revolver features a 6″ barrel, a 6-shot cylinder, and wood grips.  Used by law enforcement for years, this revolver is sure to be reliable and accurate.  This handgun has holster wear on the barrel but it is good condition overall.

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Glock 36 .45 Auto Pistol

This Glock 36 .45 Auto Pistol is absolutely perfect for concealed carry.  The stopping power of a .45 in a light weight, subcompact, and durable package!  This pistol comes with a 6-round magazine and a paddle holster.  Make this Glock the next .45 in your collection today!

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