Bring Us an Item of Value

We loan on almost anything and stock almost everything, including gold and diamond jewelry, watches, firearms, tools, electronics, musical instruments, cameras, game systems, video games, DVDs and more. Simply present your item (collateral) to one of our experienced friendly Pawn Brokers for a loan appraisal and you’ll have a loan appraisal in minutes.

Pawn loans are based on the value of your item—its current value and its current condition. We have an internal pricing department that researches thousands of items so we know what the item’s retail value was when it was new, what it sells for used, and how to determine its condition (good, better, best). At Cash in a Flash, you can feel confident that you are getting the highest loan amount for your item.

Show Us a Valid Picture ID

We accept any valid state- or government-issued photo ID, including a driver’s license, passport and military ID. Just come by any Cash in a Flash or The Diamond Mine today—there’s probably one in a neighborhood near you, see what we can do for you.

Get Money in Minutes

The process typically takes about 10 minutes and all loans are funded in cash with no credit check and no hassles. Paying back the loan is fast and easy too. Simply pay back the amount loaned plus the service charge and your collateral will be returned to you in minutes.

The Terms and Fees

  • All loans are minimum 30 day loans. After 30 days you may renew your loan by paying the service charge or redeem the loan and pick up your item used for collateral. There is no maximum term.
  • Our loans have a low, fixed interest charge for the 30 day loan period.
  • After the 30 day loan period, there is an automatic 10 day grace period. Cash in a Flash will always work with our customers within reason if more time is needed to pay the loan. We would rather keep our customers happy than forfeit their items for sale. If the loan does forfeit, we are always happy to replace the item to the customer at a reduced price when they are in a better financial situation.
  • The State of Colorado allows pawn shops to charge 20% interest per month by law. Cash In A Flash discounts that rate to our customers for loans over $500. There are no additional charges or fees for the loan. The total cost of the loan is stated as a percentage of the loan ranging from 10% to 20% per month.

Example of how loan works:

$1000 loan with $100 interest for a total redemption of $1100 in 30 days (10% Interest Rate)