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7 Point Mule Deer Head Mount

  For sale at Cash in a Flash Pawn we have this elegant 7 Point Mule Deer Head Mount.  Measures 23″ from the shoulder to the tip of the nose and the shoulders are 14″ in width.

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Sako Finn Bear Bolt Action Rifle

This  Sako Finn Bear Bolt Action Rifle is in decent condition.   There are multiple contact marks from use along both sides of the stock under the receiver the receiver and barrel are in excellent condition with no pitting or rust.  Fires 7 mm rounds and includes the mounted 3×9 Redfield scope.

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Browning 65 Lever Action Rifle

For sale at our Aurora location this Browning 65 Lever Action Rifle.  1989 Edition, there are three small scratches on the left side of the receiver between the two screws.

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Thompson Center Fire T/C Venture .300 Rifle

For sale at our Aurora location this Thompson Center Fire T/C Venture.  This rifle is chambered for .300 Winchester rounds and includes the mounted Nikon Prostaff 3-9 x 40 scope, a soft shell holder, and a sling.  There are slight scuff marks on the right side of the gun just under the ejection port and more »

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Black and White Pearl Ring 14kt Yellow Gold

For sale now at Cash in a Flash Pawn we have a Black and White Pearl Ring.  This ring is a size 7, weighs 11.1 grams and features two 13mm pearls, one white and one Tahitian, as well as two .07 ct diamonds.

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Walther PK 380 Semi-Auto w/ Pink Grips

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Smith and Wesson Lady Smith 9mm

Looking for a very clean 9MM?  Look no further, this Smith and Wesson ‘Lady Smith’ 9mm is an amazing firearm.

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Hesse HAR-I5A2 .223 Rifle with Lots of Accessories

We have a great setup for any AR enthusiast!  This Hesse AR has a Sight Mark Holographic with a Flip Up UTG scope, and a nice bi-pod.  It’s a great gun at a great price!

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Norinco SKS Sporter 7.62 X 39 Rifle

Been looking for a full wood stock SKS?  Well here it is!  We have a Norinco SKS in good condition ready to take home!  Unfortunately it does not come with a magazine but it’s priced to be able to pick one up easily! We also have a SKS with a composite stock as well!

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Benchmade Marc Lee “Glory” Commemorative Combat Knife 7.3″

Designed by Eddie Killian and manufactured at Benchmade’s production facility in Oregon City, OR, this knife honors the fearless actions and heroic behavior of Petty Officer Second Class Marc Alan Lee, the first Navy SEAL to be killed in Iraq since the war began in 2003. Marc Lee was part of a dedicated Naval Special more »

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